Rev1 Sez:

3 April
I’m known for making party people throw they hands
in the air, So in a pinch, I could switch those hands into fists
And have the club resembling, Photographic evidence
Of the nineteen-sixty-eight Olympic Medalists
Just to settle this, I’m a specialist, hip hop elements
Envelope my cerebellum and give it the wisdom
I spit it to rhythms, (come on) get in where you fit in
If it make you wanna act, then call it activism
Resist, Respond/react harder, when it’s time to attack
I crack heads like Jeb Bush’s daughter,
Original administrator hater, Poli-scientific
academics cite me in their term papers With
multiple pages of my statements on the state of
the Nation quoted in post-doctorate dissertations
My creations are more animated than cell-shaded anime
comic book Adaptations created by Asians,
amazingly brazen with the factual, I’m radical
Like bringing box cutters to the capitol, but more practical
Tactical semantics actually dismantle and damage
The status quo from an elevated vantage
Point of no return , burn the flag on the stage
At a show that I throw in front of the CIA
For the ghosts of Malcolm, Che, Ghandi and MLK
An’ any innocents imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay
Judgement day’s about an hour away so get your head straight
Why you think Manchurian Candidate got a remake
Police State is here don’t act like nobody told ya
it started The minute the citizenship just rolled over
I’m bowled over, why we didn’t take to the streets
When every long-tee emcee’s already claimin the streets
And nothing’s more gangsta than taking a piece
And get it trained on the brain of the commander and chief
Now, that’s beef, don’t get it twisted, this
Isn’t seditious, nobody advocated it, I only stated it
Wait a minute (knock knock), who is it? “ayo, it’s E. Rich
Tom Ridge was at the door so I had to slap the bitch”
And that’s it, I’m on the terrorist watch list for treason
Don’t feel secure when I sacrifice my freedom
musical Aaron McGruder for a reason
I Look and spit like Ceaser, but I think like Huey Freeman
I mean it, it’s time to stop American dreamin’
Regime change begins in the streets where the peeps is
Scheming, spitting revolutionary stanzas
Planning, flying fist with the mic banners
Round 1: Rev1 versus politicians
Raised fist: Dragon uppercut to the system
Brothers, sisters, misfits, resistors
If your pissed off then get your fists up!